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About Holiday Junction

About Holiday Junction

Holiday Junction has been online since the fall of 1995 with 1996 being the first official year of service. Originally a client-based vacation property listing service, the site has been redesigned (as of January 17, 2010) as a world-wide hotel reservation service.

The Online Reservation Service integrated into the Holiday Junction Accommodation Directory is provided through affiliation with Interactive Hotel Solutions (IHS) which acts as a gateway to the Pegasus Hotel Network. Online bookings are made directly through the Interactive Hotel Solutions website.

Photographs displayed on this web site are under copyright of the photographer named in the © byline. Holiday Junction has the right to use these photographs under a variety of arrangements including personal copyright by the owner, purchase from photography microstock agencies, free downloads from microstock agencies and special arrangement with several photographers known personally by the owner. Links to photographer websites, when available, are included with the byline information.

Rob Huntley is the owner/manager of Holiday Junction. Far from his younger-day interest, education and work in fisheries and aquaculture, Rob came into the Internet age as the stay-home parent in the family with two daughters who are now in their 20's. As the girls grew up and passed through their school years Rob had more time on his hands and co-founded and managed a non-profit charitable organization involved with aquatic conservation. Subsequent to that he founded Holiday Junction.

Rob also runs a photography business (see

Flickr badges and Flickriver banners appear throughout the website. These are not income-generating banners. Rob's photographic interests led him to become a participant at Rob is the administrator of several Travel Pics groups where Flickr members share the viewing of their travel images through the pool. The objective of these groups is to increase exposure to these photographers and their work. Thus, Holiday Junction displays the Flickr badges and banners for the mutual benefit of providing colour to Holiday Junction and providing exposure to the photographers.

These Flickr Travel Pics Groups include:

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions please contact us, i.e. Rob.

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Rob Huntley Photography - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada /

Jayne Huntley Coaching - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Emily Savary (Huntley) / Flight Centre Travel Consultant - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bec Huntley / Flight Centre Travel Consultant- Brisbane, Australia

Stock Photos from 123RF

Stock Photos from 123RF

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